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nursing jobs in germany

Nursing Jobs in Germany

Nursing Jobs in Germany

FREE RECRUITMENT for Nursing Jobs in Germany 

Hiring Nurses for Germany

Job Description for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Foreigners : 

  1. Education Qualification for Germany Nurse Recruitment – B.Sc Nursing
  2. Experience Required for Nursing Jobs in Germany – Min 3 years
  3. Salary for Germany Nursing Jobs – Euro 2334 pm
  4. Working Hours – 8.5 hrs per day and 38.5 hrs per week.
  5. Working days for Nurses – 5 days a week
  6. Germany Visa for 18 months
  7. Dual training to be completed by the nurses – German language training upto B2 level + Advance training
  8. Candidates need to attend an Adaptation seminar for Nursing jobs in Germany and also appear for a recognition test
  9. Nurses can apply for residency after 5 years

Language & Supplementary Training

  1. Local language training for 8-10 months in home country before departure
  2. Candidates need to complete 3 levels of language – A1, A2 and B1 in their home country
  3. On reaching Germany, candidates need to train and appear for B2 test
  4. On reaching Germany on employment visa, candidates need to also complete their advance training. Need to attend Adaptation Seminar. Appear for recognition test in Germany
  5. Total timeline of 3-4 months in Germany before starting full time employment

Limited vacancy for Nursing Jobs in Germany for Indians.

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