Permanent Residency in Portugal in 180 Days Amazing Opportunity
permanent residency in Portugal

Permanent Residency in Portugal

Permanent Residency in Portugal

Obtain Permanent Residency in Portugal in less than 180 days. Oman Agencies provides solutions to immigration to Portugal from India, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malta, Romania, Qatar, Norway and many other countries worldwide. 

We will help you out through each step in the migrate to Portugal process including visas, residency card/permit and any other requirements throughout the process.

Following are the steps needed to obtain Portuguese permanent residency: 

Step 1

Day 0 – Applicant to submit passport copy + address proof + power of attorney. Applicant to make initial payment for Portugal immigration process.


Step 2:

Day 14 – Applicant will be provided a National Tax number, which is a formality needed for the country.


Step 3:

Day 30 – Applicant will have a company in his name + Corporate Bank Account. The Company will be a sole proprietorship under the applicant’s control. Applicant will have an option of appointing an accountant to handle the monthly accounts as required.


Step 4:

Day 40 – Applying for a permanent Resident Permit/ Card by filing documents before SEF along with applying for an entry visa to Portugal. 


Step 5:

Day 150 – Applicant will need to make a 2 day visit to Portuguese as a formality for a meeting with Immigration to sign and take official biometric details. Also, he will be introduced to the Bank and legal team. Applicant will get a personal bank account at this stage as well.


Step 6:

Day 180 – Applicant will have a permanent Resident Card/ Permit in his name delivered by courier. With this card, the applicant does not need any Schengen Visa and can travel anywhere in the Schengen area. 

In addition, the applicant can live and work in the country of Portugal. The applicant also has access to free healthcare and education in Portuguese. If the applicant chooses to officially work in another Schengen country, then the applicant will need to obtain a work permit from that country.


Step 7:

End of 3 years – Maintenance of Residency Status (Social Security / Accounting / Tax) followed by renewal of Residency after 3 years.


Step 8:

End of 5 years – Application for passport.

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permanent residency in Portugal
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