truck driving jobs in Canada, Amazing job for store manager 2
truck driving jobs in canada

Job Openings in Canada – Here’s a chance to grab a job in Canada

Job Openings - Store manager, farm jobs, labourers, fruit pickers, cleaners delivery driver and truck driving jobs in Canada

Canada Manpower Requirements

1. Type of Job – Farming jobs

Minimum 8th School Grade with Farming experience and knowledge of tractors and other farming equipments & machinery.

– Works on an institutional farm; In variable whether conditions, performs plowing, harrowing, cultivating, fertilizing, irrigating, and harvesting farm crops on assigned plots and acreage. Operates a cotton picker, combine, tractor, moving and spraying equipment, chain saws, carry-all, front end loader, milking machines,
– Cares for livestock and poultry, including the cleaning, feeding, weighing, and medication of animals; checks animals for sickness and other disorders.
– Mixes soil, sand, and fertilizers according to specifications;
– Changes oil, greases, and makes limited repairs to farm equipment and machinery. Carry out routine oral and written instructions.

Salary – Ca$14 per hour
Extra time – Ca$16 per hour

2. Delivery Driver / Truck driving jobs in Canada

A high school graduate or even basic literate with a valid driving license. Must be above a minimum age limit 18. Should be able to read road maps efficiently.
– Have to take delivery notes from the supplier and after supplying it to the customer, make a receipt of it.
– Will have to check his vehicle’s brakes, controls, fuel content, etc on a daily basis before starting out.
– Must be punctual and stringent about timings and make no delay in deliveries.
– Must be prepared to work in any traffic, weather, and timing according to his employer’s business needs.
– He should generously assist in loading and unloading goods onto/off his vehicle. Needs to be a vigilant, sincere, and responsible. Ensure zero damage and follow all traffic rules.

Salary – Ca$14 per hour
Extra time – Ca$16 per hour

3. Cleaner

*Assess the cleanliness and hygiene situation of the establishment and detect current and potential problems.
* Perform common household tasks to maintain a clean workplace. Sweeping floors, cleaning walls and windows, and throwing the trash.
* Simple security measures such as locking doors and closing windows is also included in the functions of a wall cleaner. Continuous monitoring of the cleanliness of facilities and other equipment.
* Informs the management of the need for extensive repairs and other major renovations in the work area or office.

Salary – Ca$14 per hour
Extra time – Ca$16 per hour

4. Fruit Picker

Picking and packaging of fruits
• able to cope with the physical demands of the job, able to work at heights, work quickly and consistently for long periods of time, work outdoors in all weather conditions
• travel from property to property to pick fruit and vegetables
• able to undertake manual and sometimes heavy work
• reliable and motivated
• drive tractors or other vehicles like forklifts to load onto trucks or deliver fruit and vegetables to the packing shed,

Salary – Ca$14 per hour
Extra time – Ca$16 per hour

5. Labourer (General Labour):

Labourers must be healthy and fit. They should be trustworthy and willing
to assist their supervisors.

Salary – Ca$14 per hour
Extra time – Ca$16 per hour

6. Storekeeper

Qualification – High School Graduation with minimum 2 years of exp. in warehouse and storage operations. Modern warehouse procedures, including orderly and proper storage and issuance of materials; basic stock inventory procedures; requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, packing slips, bills of lading, freight tags; computerized warehouse record-keeping systems.; perform physical labour; understand and carry out oral and written instructions; drive a forklift.

1. Receives and verifies with purchase order all incoming materials; reports, documents, and tracks damages and discrepancies on orders received.
2. Maintain all records of Inter-campus deliveries; Fills supply requisitions; assists buyer to order adequate merchandise and supplies; delivers orders to faculty and staff.
3. Tracks surplus property; prepares property lists for items to be sold at auction. Ships canceled and damaged items back to vendors as appropriate.
4. Delivers and sets up furniture for various campus events as requested. Handles and documents storage and transportation of hazardous materials. Answers questions regarding procedures and resolves discrepancies regarding receipts, deliveries, warranties, repairs, and surplus property. Trains and directs the work of student assistants.

Salary – Ca$14 per hour
Extra time – Ca$18 per hour

Accommodation, Ticket (Including during Vacation), Medical, Transportation will be provided.
Working hours – 9 a.m – 6 p.m [Mon-Sat]
Vacation – 28.5 days every year
Contract – 2 years
Insurance & Pension – According to Canadian Labour laws.
Other Benefits – Family Status, group benefit, and other fringe benefits.

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