7 Amazing Welding jobs in Nigeria, plant technician, mechanic
welding jobs in Nigeria

5 Job Openings in a European Company in Nigeria for Engineers

Urgent Requirement for Nigeria for a European Company - Plant technician, plant electrician, concrete paver operator, plant mechanic and welding jobs in Nigeria

1. a) Batching Plant Supervisor jobs in Nigeria

b) Batching Plant Technician jobs in Nigeria

with Civil Engineering Background with knowledge of Concrete Mix Design having 15 years experience in the construction Industry, with min 5 years experience in this position.

2. Technician Welding jobs in Nigeria

To have good knowledge of all welding practices and be able to train welders for various operations. ( Stainless steel / Aluminum, CO2 , Plate , Steel Structures, 2G / 4G / 6G / Argon welders etc.). Opportunity for welding jobs in Nigeria

3. Auto/ Plant Electrician jobs in Nigeria

– Minimum 5 years of Experience Required
Should be aware of all functions related to Auto/ Plant Electrician

4. Auto/ Plant Mechanics jobs in Nigeria

– Minimum 5 years of experience required
Should be aware of all functions related to Auto/ Plant Mechanics

5. Concrete Paver Operator jobs in Nigeria

Job Description –
– Minimum 5 years experience in operating Concrete Paving Machines for applying concrete, asphalt, or other materials to road beds, parking lots, or airport runways and taxiways, or equipment used for tamping gravel, dirt or other materials, Includes concrete and asphalt.
– Spread and smooth freshly poured concrete surfaces for concrete roads and landing fields.
– Observes the surface of concrete to point out low spots for workers to add concrete.

Note :-
1. Good knowledge of English language. To be Computer literate.
2. Joining as soon as when flight will be started.

Terms :-
1. Long term renewable contract.
2. Working Hrs : 8hrs per day 6 days per week.
3. Accommodation / Transportation by the Employer.
4. Joining ticket by the company
5. Family visas may be considered

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