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Crane Driver

  • Malta
  • Posted 2 years ago
  • This position has been filled
Job Overview
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Job description of Crane Driver overseas construction jobs in Europe:

Job brief:

  • We are looking for a crane operator to safely transport loads to construction sites with the use of lifting equipment, such as cranes and hoists. You will work closely with construction workers and ground operators to complete your daily duties. You will also perform equipment inspections and repairs on a regular basis.
  • To succeed in this role, you should have hands-on experience with cranes and building materials. Problem-solving and attention to detail are also must-have skills.

Responsibilities of Crane Driver for jobs in Europe :

  • Operate cranes, trucks, and other heavy machinery 
  • Transfer loads to construction sites and discharge safely
  • Bind loads to cranes
  • Inspect equipment and machinery
  • Keep and update maintenance and activity log
  • Carry out basic repairs to machines
  • Set up machinery based on complex manuals
  • Coordinate with ground operators and interpret hand and verbal signals
  • Follow safety guidelines and protocols

Requirements for Crane Driver jobs in Malta:

  • Previous experience as a crane operator or a similar role
  • Heavy equipment operator license is mandatory
  • Working experience handling different types of cranes and trucks
  • Ability to lift heavy loads, work in heights and stand for long hours
  • Accuracy and attention to detail

Terms for Crane Driver overseas construction jobs in Europe:

  1. Salary Euro € 950 pm
  2. 48 hours a week 
  3. Overtime extra 
  4. Contract 2 years
  5. Work Permit provided
  6. Health Insurance free
  7. National Insurance Free 
  8. Food on Employees 
  9. Joining and return tickets provided.
Candidates with relevant skills and qualifications can apply for Crane Driver overseas construction jobs in Malta
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