Become a Sub Agent Recruiting Partner

Become a Sub Agent Recruiting Partner

You can become a sub agent recruiting partner of Oman Agencies, an international manpower supply company, supplying manpower from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries in South Asia

Our sub agent partnership model offers you the opportunity of immediate cash-flow from the first day you start your business. You will be partnering with a globally well established brand identity, with proven business systems and regulated processes. The benefits of this opportunity are only available to suitable and qualified individuals and businesses. Opportunity to partner with the most reputed International manpower supply company.

How it Works?

  • Role of Oman Agencies, manpower recruiting agency in India, Bangladesh & Nepal

    • Source recruitment orders from clients globally
    • Provide migration products for various countries. The entire backend migration services support and processing will be provided by Oman Agenices, manpower supply agency in India, Bangladesh & Nepal.
  • Role of Sub Agent Recruiting Partner
    • Source candidates for the recruitment orders sourced by Oman Agencies,Indian overseas manpower supply company. For example, there might be a requirement for masons in UAE – Oman Agencies will provide the requirement to the sub agent recruiting partner who will then have to source the candidates
    • Source candidates for the Migration services. For example, Oman Agencies may already have a migration package for Australia. The sub agent recruiting partner will have to source candidates who are interested in the opportunity
  • Branding / Marketing
    • All business will be conducted in the name of the Sub Agent and Oman Agencies’ brand name will not be used. The Sub Agent Recruiting Partner will supply manpower to Oman Agencies
    • Oman Agencies, is one of the top manpower recruitment agency in India, which will only provide the recruiting requirement in the case of recruitment orders and provide the immigration product in the case of migration services. The sub agent recruiting partner will have to market the requirements under their own brand name and supply candidates to Oman Agencies
  • Benefits & Support
    • Training and regular upgradations to latest recruitment and migration industry trends
    • Other support will be provided subject to availability of our team

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