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Marketing Executive – Operations

  • Malta
  • Posted 2 years ago

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Job Overview
Job Location

Job Description for Marketing Job Abroad (Europe)

Position Summary

The Marketing Executive focuses on developing and coordinating advertising strategies and campaigns.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities for Marketing Job Abroad

  • Create and execute marketing campaigns to promote a product or service through traditional marketing and digital marketing methods including pay per click, social media, and email marketing
  • Be involved in the creation of content [including photography and video]
  • Coordinate collection or taking of photos from different units, needed to produce content such as newsletters, emailers, social media posts and product data sheets
  • Liaise with a range of stakeholders including media, suppliers, printers, designers and web developers, sponsorship partners and more
  • Manage advertising and marketing budgets
  • Manage brand identity online and offline
  • Book traditional adverts in the press, radio or TV, and online adverts (local news websites and social media platforms)
  • Manage the production of marketing material including brochures, posters, online newsletters, videos, online or print adverts
  • Identify potential markets
  • Conduct market research and monitor competitor activity
  • Write and edit content for print material (e.g. adverts, brochures, flyers, press releases) and multiple online platforms (e.g. webpages, e-shots, social media posts)
  • Monitor online campaigns, access analytics and compile reports
  • Manage Group social media platforms
  • Organize events and social activities
  • Assist in recruitment efforts for the Group
  • Optimize copy and landing pages for search engine marketing
  • Other day to day tasks and general office duties
  • Assist with creation of internal communications

Physical Requirement/ Working Conditions
Work in an office environment. Additionally, it may be required to work outside the office which may involve meeting with suppliers or setting up venues for events. This role is on a full-time basis and working hours usually involve normal office hours. However, evening and weekend work may be expected when the role involves organising or attending events or when tight marketing campaign deadlines need to be met.

Education & Licenses Required for Marketing Executive Job

  • A recognized qualification through a fulltime study programme related to commerce, marketing, communications and media studies, business and management
  • A valid driving license may be required for such a role
  • On-the-job training is offered by the employer

Knowledge/ Skills/ Qualities/ Tools & Equipment used for Marketing Jobs in Malta

The Marketing Executive is expected to have:

  • Digital strategy skills
  • Commercial and business awareness and budget management skills
  • Knowledge of different media channels and how they operate e.g. TV, radio, press and internet
  • Proficiency in digital media (social media marketing, content management systems, email marketing builders and bulk senders)
  • Basic analytical skills to analyse online analytic tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and others
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially in relation to content marketing
  • Knowledge of ranking factors and search engine algorithms
  • Design skills and knowledge of design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Written communication skills, with the ability to adapt communication style to different stakeholders and audiences
  • An eye for design
  • Passion for photography
  • Organisational and planning skills
  • Time management skills and the ability to work under pressure and adhere to deadlines • Decision making and problem-solving skills
  • IT skills
  • Presentation skills
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team • Leadership and project management skills

Additional qualities may include:

  • A flair for writing
  • A friendly and outgoing personality
  • Accuracy
  • An interest in design
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Proactive and highly driven
  • The ability to see things from different perspectives
  • Willingness to learn
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