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Site Manager [Finishes] – Contracting

  • Malta
  • Posted 2 years ago

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Job Overview
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Job Description for Construction Site Manager Job in Malta (Europe)

The Site Manager is responsible of the daily management of entrusted Projects and to represent the company as a Contractor on these respective Projects.

Immediate Superiors:

  • Head of Projects in the case of small Projects or Project Manager in the case of large-scale Projects.

Immediate Subordinates:

  • All personnel assigned on the Projects falling under his/her responsibility, including but not limited to: Senior Foremen, Foremen, Land and Quantity Surveyors, Storekeeper, H&S Coordinator, Site Administrator, Quality Controller, tradesmen, labourers, etc.

Main Responsibilities for Site Manager Job in Malta :

The Site Manager is expected to be accountable for implementing on the respective Project the following:

  • Take ownership of the project
  • Liaise directly with the Client and/or representative, on matters concerning the works on site,
    achieve the two operational objectives: Customer Satisfaction and Efficient Resource Utilisation
  • Economise on operating expenses concerning his/her Project
  • Implement company-set operational targets (i.e. benchmarks, manpower output, expenses and budgets, complaints level, etc.)
  • Keep a healthy unidirectional communication link with his/her superiors, sub-ordinates and other departments within the company
  • Create and sustain an ideal and healthy working atmosphere based on teamwork, within his/her project involving all trades and activities taking place
  • Record and charge accordingly (through the Wages Department), any hours spent by his/her subordinates on loan on duties other than those related with his/her project
  • Participate regularly in meetings concerning the operations of his/her project and those of the company
  • Prepare requests for purchases to be approved by the Head of Projects and/or the Project Manager
  • Ensures that Cost Control reporting is regularly being made and that the correct information is being reported
  • Ensures that all measurements, valuations and applications for payments are made on time
  • Makes sure that the Monthly Project Reports are submitted in time and correctly for each Project under his responsibility

Main Duties for Overseas Construction Site Manager Job in Malta :

The duties of the Site Manager include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Prepare agenda, whenever required, and participate in all meetings concerning the Project, with both the client and/or his representative
  • Organise, set agenda and chair all Site Progress Meetings. These meetings are to be held on regular basis
  • Ensure that subcontractors are well coordinated throughout the Project
  • Coordinate with the Head of Projects in the preparation of Site Logistics and the setting up of the projects’ organisation chart, ensuring that all required resources are available for the effective operation of the site
  • Coordinate with the HOE Section to provide the necessary plant and machinery on site.
  • Ensure that all plant and machinery is operated by competent persons on site and regularly maintained and certified is required
  • Make sure that effective communication takes place on his/her Project and ensure that all necessary communicating facilities/equipment are in place and available
  • Ensures that Quality Control procedures are in place and being followed
  • Execute operations on site in conjunction with the agreed Programme of Works.
  • Any changes/amendments should be discussed with both the Head of Projects and the Client.
  • The Site Manager is responsible for the updating of the Program of Works and in taking corrective measures to address any delays or shortcomings in the Project’s execution in relation to the planned Programme.
  • Compile Monthly Project Reports concerning the respective Projects for review during the Monthly Projects’ Review Sessions
  • Interview potential new employees (at sub-ordinate levels)
  • Access skills of newly entered workforce within his/her responsibility
  • Periodically (at least twice annually) assess workforce within his/her responsibility
  • Propose/Approve upgrades, disciplinary actions, vacational leave and other HR related issues of his sub-ordinates
  • Initiate request for Variations and Claims
  • Making sure the Project’s Quantity Surveyor submits in time and on regular basis (as agreed) Periodic Payment Certificates
  • Oversee issues concerning documentation, cost control, site instructions, clients’ requests and daywork vouchers
  • Monitor and take action on matters concerning the logistics of the site
  • Monitor all issues concerning quality inspection and testing, control of non-conformities and follow-up on corrective action measures
  • Ensure that all health and safety procedures and reporting is being followed and carried out on site
  • Participate if necessary in Site Inspections, meetings and any particular follow-ups
  • Oversee all required documentation, site diary, distribution lists, short-term program of works, etc. are being made, distributed and filed accordingly
  • Make sure that as-built drawings are continuously being updated and documented as required
  • Organise a Snagging List when deemed necessary and ensure that all items listed are addressed
  • Make sure that hand-over of the site, or part of, is made as per agreed and planned. An assessment of the client’s feedback following each hand-over is expected
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