manpower supply in Qatar

Advantages of Working in Qatar

Manpower Supply in Qatar

Advantages of Working in Qatar

If you’re looking for a change in work location then we have got a very good place in mind for you. We all know that the Middle East has a lot to offer but there is one particular small but beautiful country that is excellent for living as well as working in various fields.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, here’s the answer. QATAR! In this article, we are going to give you a few reasons why Qatar should be at the top of your list whether it is for stepping into the next phase of your career or for a change of scenery.


Qatar: The Thriving Economy

The economic prosperity of this country has increased the demand for manpower supply in Qatar, leading to the establishment of various manpower supply companies in the county to cater to these workforce requirements. Oil and gas are the primary reasons for this thriving economy.


Amazing Employment opportunities

As we discussed earlier Qatar’s economy is thriving leading to an increase in demand for manpower supply in Qatar. There are employment opportunities in various fields from construction to engineering and finance to healthcare. Businesses along with the help of manpower supply agencies are on the lookout for potential candidates.


High Remuneration Packages

Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and also has a high cost of living as a result of which employers work with manpower supply agencies to provide competitive remuneration packages to prospective candidates that include bonuses, housing allowances, health insurance and so on. This makes Qatar a good option for individuals looking to grow in their careers.


No Income Tax

Not having to pay income tax is a big advantage anywhere in the world, but in Qatar this is possible. There is no income tax. Manpower supply agencies make sure that foreign workers have all the information regarding tax exemptions and benefits.


Safety and Job Security

The priority of the Qatari government is the safety and security of its residents. The government also gives the foreign workers a level of assurance for their jobs allowing them to enjoy a peaceful work environment and providing them with a sense of security.


Healthcare and Education

Foreign workers irrespective of their nationality can get access to world-class healthcare and education for free. Qatar provides free primary and secondary education in their public school, the free healthcare plan helps residents access various services like consultations and surgeries etc. Manpower supply agencies in Qatar help foreign workers access these services and provide them with the necessary guidance


Safeguarding the Rights of Workers

There are various regulations in place to ensure the safety, fair treatment and protection of the rights of foreign workers. The Qatari government also realizes the importance of a work-life balance which requires employers to comply with the working hours’ regulations.


Paid Vacation Time

An essential benefit provided by the Qatari government to the workers is paid vacation time. They are entitled to a few weeks of vacation the duration of which depends on the length of their service. These paid vacations are in addition to the public holidays.


Experience Cultural Diversity

Qatar is a culturally diverse country with people coming from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities which increases the opportunity of meeting people and making friends with people from different parts of the world and experiencing their culture which might also help professionally to expand your network.

There are numerous advantages of working in Qatar including everything that is mentioned above. Foreign workers can have a fulfilling career and a high standard of living in this country. Oman Agencies can help you in achieving that fulfilling career and high standard of living by guiding you with our expertise and client database.

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