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Engineers are the driving force behind almost all technological advancement and infrastructural development around the world. Engineers are always in high demand. Engineers shape and construct the world, as well as research and implement new technologies. Engineers are also in charge of management and sales for technological companies. That is why engineers are such a vital part of the economic and technological development processes, and why they are in such high demand.

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Engineering Recruitment Agency

Heavy equipment and engineering industries are labour intensive, thus there are many job opportunities for engineering recruitment. Oman Agencies recruits both skilled and semi-skilled candidates from all over India, Ghana, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other South-East Asian countries. We meet the industrial requirements by ensuring that the candidates meet their standards and parameters.

Oman Agencies is a leading Engineering recruitment agency that provides a wide range of engineers recruitment services such as direct hire, contract, managed services, talent search and selection, and payroll management. Oman Agencies has a well-developed pool of resources and skills to benefit both clients and candidates, owing to its impeccable experience and expertise as one of the finest engineering staffing & employment consultancy.

We specialise in providing workforce solutions to the engineering industry and has been placing engineers with clients globally for more than 50 years now.

Oman Agencies has extensive experience in heavy engineering staffing. We provide candidates who are not only good at diagnosing problems, but also know how to work with heavy machinery. We believe that we can provide the best possible fit for your organisation. We cater to a variety of positions, including: Manufacturing Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Design Engineer, Civil Designer, Mechanical Designer, CAD Designer, CAD/CAM Engineer, Process Planner, Product Designer, Solid Modelers, Tool Designer/Programmer, Parametric Modelers, CNC Programmer, Graphic Designer, Heavy equipment operators, Mechanics, Turners, Welders, Lathe operators, Drill operators etc

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Engineering Recruitment Agency