Recruitment Agencies in Romania

How to Spot Fake Recruitment Agencies in Romania

Recruitment Agencies in Romania

How to Spot Fake Recruitment Agencies in Romania

While seeking job opportunities many candidates tend to get the help of recruitment agencies, especially for those who want to apply internationally. But you need to be cautious of whom you seek assistance from because like in any other field or service even in global recruitment we have fraudulent agencies. These agencies exploit job seekers. This article will highlight a few key indicators which will help you identify fraudulent recruitment agencies in Romania or anywhere around the world.

  • No Legitimate Registration

Legitimate recruitment agencies are required to be registered with relevant agencies such as the Romanian Employment Agency or the National Employment Agency. Even in other countries, recruitment agencies are required to be registered with relevant government bodies. While doing your research of the company make sure that you check the registration status of the company.

  • Unrealistic Guarantees

Fake employment agencies will try to manipulate you by providing irresistible offers and stating that you get a lot of benefits only to persuade you into accepting the job. But a real employment agent will only state the positive aspects of the job with a side note of its requirements. Fake agencies will guarantee you a job before you even attend an interview. This is a huge red flag.

  • High Service Charges

Before the process begins payments must not be demanded by the recruitment agencies. Avoid making payments upfront. Avoid filling out any forms that require you to enter any personal details. Genuine agencies do not make extravagant promises of getting you a job and demand upfront payment. They also provide you with a breakup of the fees that are being charged whereas a fake recruitment agency will not give you a breakup.

  • Too Many Advertisements

Fake recruitment agencies will run many advertisements and send many emails with unbelievable job opportunities and promises. Remember not to fall for any of these advertisements. Do thorough research before choosing to work with any agency. You can also verify the genuinity of the job advertisements by looking at them on any other online platform or company website.

  • Negative Reviews

Don’t skip the research. Analyse the online presence of a company. Nowadays it’s easy to find how genuine a company is by using online resources. Check for any negative reviews, testimonials, feedback or complaints online.

It is important to recognize fake recruitment agencies to protect yourself from getting scammed. You can get scammed by a single person or an agency. So remember these points when you get in touch with someone for the purpose of recruitment. Let us sum it up for you

  • Money will not be demanded before the process starts
  • HR will always interview you. There will never be a job where you will not get interviewed.
  • Always verify the details of the recruitment agency as well as the company that they claim is offering you the job.

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