Recruitment Agencies in UK

Recruitment Agencies in UK, a solution to the UK’s labour shortage issue.

Recruitment Agencies in UK

Recruitment Agencies in UK, a solution to the UK's labour shortage issue.

Covid-19 and Brexit have combined to create a labour shortage in the United Kingdom, putting the country’s economic growth and attractiveness as an investment destination at risk.

Significant labour shortages are predicted to persist in the UK for the next two years. As a result, the UK’s economic recovery from Covid-19 is expected to be significantly slowed.

In the three months ending in July 2021, job vacancies in the UK reached a new high of 953,000. Indeed, according to the most recent data, by the end of August 2021, these vacancies had risen to 1.66 million, with no evidence of reducing in the months ahead.

There had been hope that the conclusion of the UK government’s layoff program at the end of September 2021 would ease some of the labour shortages. However, many experts believe that the impact on job vacancies will be small.

While all of this appears to be good news for job seekers, recruiters may find it difficult to keep up with the drop in unemployment and increase in manpower staffing needs. Though recruitment is frequently about attracting demand, if you can’t give the supply, your business plan is wrecked. Fortunately Oman Agencies, one of the top 10 best recruitment agencies in UK for foreigners, has a team of employees who have been trained to handle multiple industries’ needs simultaneously. We have client companies who have been working with us for a long period of time. Do have a look at our Completed Projects and Existing Clients worldwide to have a brief overview about the companies’ background.

So, what exactly does all of this imply? In a nutshell, the number of unemployed persons for each job opening is decreasing.

Where did all the London, UK’s workers go?

The largest outflow of EU workers from the UK labour force occurred between October and December 2020, due to the combined effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit.

Businesses were well aware that they would need to make significant adjustments to their labour models in response to Brexit. They were figuring out how to do it, but many were counting on more EU workers living in the UK for longer periods of time to allow for adjustment because they were EU citizens. However, the outbreak of COVID – 19 forced many people to leave. Businesses intended to train more individuals over the previous year, but COVID- 19 was interfering with their capacity to train new people and bring them into these industries.

So which industries have the biggest shortage of candidates?

Not all skill shortages are created equally and some industries have a greater lack of suitably skilled candidates than others. Even if there is a distinction between which businesses demand the most people and which industries have a skills shortage, it’s important to look into where the openings are. The healthcare sector is impacted the most followed by F&B, IT, Retail, Education & Construction.

It’s no surprise that developing technologies are one of the major drivers of talent shortages and mismatches, thus IT and digital disciplines can be particularly difficult to fill.

As a result of the suffering economy, the number of trainees and graduates hired by construction firms decreased drastically during the crisis. This means there aren’t enough workers to meet the demands of infrastructural development in London, UK. Quantity surveyors, plumbers, and project managers are among the highly in demand professions in the building industry.

So the big question is just exactly how, as a recruiter, do you cope with a shortage of candidates?

Hiring recruitment agencies in UK to help you with your company’s employment needs so that you can focus on the other main functions of the company.  Oman Agencies is an international manpower recruitment agency in London, UK. We have been providing manpower consultancy and recruitment services across 35+ countries globally.

The services of Oman Agencies, a recruitment company in UK is comprehensive and cover end-to-end support with placement drives and campaigns. Our agency covers various industry verticals including Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Construction & Infrastructure, Education, Oil & Gas, Retail, etc. to name a few.

We are a manpower supply agency which has been providing human resources/ labour from various countries such as the UK, India, Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, etc. We also have a network of recruiters from different locations worldwide including USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Asia.

Oman Agencies, a staffing agency in London, UK have been connecting companies to the right candidates for over 50 years; our database of almost 53,000+ is overflowing with qualified candidates. Our extensive knowledge of the local labour market ensures you can trust us to find the best people to fulfill your staffing requirements.

Contact Oman Agencies, the best recruitment agencies in UK to hire foreign workers to fulfill your company’s recruiting needs.

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