Manpower Agency in Romania

Manpower Agency in Romania

Manpower Agency in Romania

Manpower Agency in Romania​

Since joining the European Union in 2007, Romania has attracted a large number of jobs, mostly from Europe but gradually from all over the world. These employees usually come from a variety of industries and work for a multinational organisation.

Romanian businesses are recruiting in almost every industry in order to keep up with the rest of Europe. In fact, despite the fact that agriculture, oil, hydroelectricity, mechanics, and metallurgy are the most common sectors for hiring foreign workers, they also seek foreign workers in tourism, pharmaceuticals, food, IT, civil engineering, and, last but not least, construction.

These industries need highly skilled labour, which is why Romanian businesses consistently hire foreigners. That does not, however, imply that there is a high rate of unemployment. Indeed, the actual unemployment rate is between 6 and 8%, which is perfectly normal for a developing country.

Working in Romania is quite simple, particularly now that Romania is a member of the European Union. Only a valid residency permit and a valid ID are required for workers from other member countries. Other employees from outside the EU are required to have a work permit.

As per reports, Romania will face a severe labour shortage in the fields of information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture. For the second national development plan, the government has set aside 30 billion Ron (roughly $ 6.4 billion) to construct bridges, colleges, and kindergartens. Romania has money, but not enough staff to deploy it. As a result, recruiting a foreign worker is now carefully considered.

Oman Agencies is one of Romania’s best recruiting agencies for foreigners. In the list of recruitment agencies in Romania, Oman Agencies is the most trusted and reputed manpower agency in Romania. Our strength lies in supplying highly trained and experienced professionals for Senior, Middle, and Junior Management positions. Our expertise is in identifying companies needs and matching them with applicants who have the necessary experience and skills. Our goal is to find responsible people to fill vacancies and meet employers needs. To gain an advantage in today’s highly competitive environment, professionals must be experienced, qualified, and hardworking.

On a case-by-case basis, Oman Agencies, a manpower agency in Romania assists businesses in finding staff and employees. Our method of hiring unskilled and skilled labour for manufacturing, construction, transportation, and agriculture is recognized as “organised recruitment.” Any boss, supervisor, and human resources professional faces the constant challenge of finding the best workers for their business. You’ve found the right international manpower recruitment agency in Romania for foreigners if you’re looking for tried-and-true best practices as well as cutting-edge strategies in recruitment, interviewing, and selection. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, and we have staff and employees who can fit into your company and have the expertise and experience you need.

A company’s competitive advantage is determined by the quality of its employees. To keep your competitive edge in an increasingly competitive world, you’ll need to improve your ability to attract and retain top talent. A broad variety of companies around the country benefit from Oman Agencies recruitment process outsourcing, which includes local, regional, and national outsourcing recruitment services. This Romania employment agency  assists companies in attracting better people while reducing expense and time to recruit by addressing all aspects of talent management strategy.

The services we provide are focused on years of experience and training, modern work methods and techniques, knowledge of the Romanian market, and a strong understanding of the needs of our clients. Oman Agencies, an employment agencies in Bucharest Romania has developed new technologies for its clients in order to improve HR processes and lower costs. We serve as trusted advisors to our clients, assisting them in developing capacity and capability, often during times of significant change. Our manpower agency in Romania ensures complete consistency between job specifications and candidates proposed by doing the required preselecting using its own methodology and database.

Human resource selection and placement should not only contribute to the achievement of goals and the smooth operation of an organisation, but also provide considerable opportunities for future growth. As a result, one of the most critical functions of human resource management is to develop and sustain efficient human resources.

Clients benefit from working with Oman Agencies, one of the best recruitment agencies in Romania because of our high completion rate, ongoing business from major clients, and comprehensive client and candidate referrals. Our highly skilled approach ensures speed and reliability, reducing search time while maintaining high quality standards.

Oman Agencies is an international manpower agency in Romania which easily locates people with a specific set of skills by using our proprietary database and information resources. Our company’s team process includes research, and each client project has its own strategy and approach to the market.

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