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How Oman Agencies, a recruitment agency can help tackle Serbia’s labour market issues ?

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How Oman Agencies, a recruitment agency can help tackle Serbia’s labour market issues ?

It is vital to address Serbia’s labour market issues in order to boost growth and job development. Low labour force participation, relatively high unemployment, particularly among youth and other disadvantaged groups, and widening skill gap are currently hampering the optimal use of manpower and the chances for long-term economic growth and welfare gains. 

Though Serbia has been creating jobs in recent years, more are required if the country is to  accelerate growth to catch up with neighbouring European Union countries (EU). According to an employer survey Serbian employers are having increasing difficulty finding the right worker. The companies most often facing these problems were in manufacturing, medical, construction, mining, accommodation and food production, IT and communication, and transport and storage. Higher shares of large companies and those in Vojvodina and Belgrade reported problems in finding qualified workers. 

Serbia produced over 240,000 jobs between 2014 and 2018, reducing unemployment from 19.9 to 13.3 percent. Many of the new positions have been formal, full-time pay jobs in the private sector. Recent labor-market changes have also benefited vulnerable populations such as women, older employees, and young people. To match the employment rates in the minor transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by 2025, Serbia will need to produce 500,000 jobs—100,000 each year. It is vital that Serbia resolve its labour market difficulties in order to drive growth and job development.

Researchers at the Eastern European Construction Forecasting Association (EECFA), who compile a detailed outlook of the construction industry in much of central and eastern Europe each winter, have told Emerging Europe that one of the biggest challenges facing the region’s construction industry in the coming years will be a labour shortage.

Although job creation has increased in recent years, hiring issues have intensified. Skill shortages are cited as the primary cause of recruiting challenges by businesses. A poll found that the most common issues were worker lack of knowledge and expertise, lack of job experience, and a shortage of needed professionals.

While some lag in identifying the proper skills is to be expected in any dynamic economy, gaps that are excessively severe or persistent can have a negative impact on business and growth. Employers frequently identify skill gaps, but it is critical to determine which gaps exist, how broad they are, and how persistent they are.

According to a Serbian survey, skills gaps adversely impact progressive enterprises: enterprises that have achieved a technology-related innovation in the last three years have stronger growth prospects and are more willing to hire, but more of them perceive a lack of skills among candidates as a concern. Skills shortages in Serbia will almost certainly be intensified by demographic factors such as an ageing population and immigration. Increasing and sustaining economic growth would thus necessitate the development of a qualified workforce for the modern labour market in an increasingly connected economy.

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Oman Agencies, Best International Recruitment Agency in Serbia

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The assistance of staffing/ placement consulting agencies in Serbia has shown to be advantageous for all types of businesses. With the tremendous growth on industrial fronts, a demand for talented and professionally motivated international human resources has evolved. As a result, companies hire foreign workers. Each profession requires a specific set of expertise, and we at Oman Agencies, a manpower supplier company in Serbia, provide global manpower solutions, which we expertise in.

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