Norway Recruitment Agency

Here’s a solution to Norway’s recruitment issues- Oman Agencies, a Norway Recruitment Agency

Norway Recruitment Agency

Here's a solution to Norway's recruitment issues- Oman Agencies, a Norway Recruitment Agency

At a time when 200,000 people are looking for work in Norway, the country’s employers are short 46,000 workers, over half of whom work in the healthcare and construction industry.

According to the NAV’s business study for 2021, the shortfall has decreased in recent years. Employers in Norway were short 50,750 workers in 2020, compared to 59,450 in 2019. The figure is still greater than the NAV’s forecast for 2021.

As society has been partially shut down and unemployment is high during the corona pandemic, it was believed that companies would have less recruitment issues. However, a variety of factors, including rising demand on the health-care system and travel limitations to hire foreign workers, contribute to the continued scarcity of qualified workers.

In the previous three months, one out of every five businesses reported having difficulty recruiting. This is also an improvement over the prior year. The Oslo region has the largest proportion of enterprises with recruitment issues. Companies in Agder and Trondelag counties have the fewest problems.

The most severely impacted sectors are health and social services. In the last three months, more than one-third of businesses in this industry have had difficulty attracting skilled healthcare professionals.

The total deficit is anticipated to be 12,750 persons, up nearly 1,000 from a year ago. Nursing has the most shortages of any profession. Almost one-third of firms reported not receiving enough competent applications for advertised jobs in the previous year. When foreigners are hired in nursing, they must have a high degree of language proficiency, which is not necessarily the case in other industries.

Construction jobs are another key field experiencing a severe labour shortage. Today, the construction business has the greatest disparity between available employment vacancies and prospective people. The total number of people in need is projected to be 14,300. Skilled trades such as carpenters, joiners, electricians, and plumbers are similarly underutilized.

The IT sector is no exception. Also here Norway is missing data engineers, programmers and IT-consultants.

Recruitment agencies in Norway provide services to both job seekers and companies. These employment agencies in Norway for foreigners offer consultancy to help you advance in your career as well as provide professional assistance. 

Norwegian recruiting agencies play an important role in connecting job seekers with employers and employers with the right candidate. Oman Agencies is one such well known and reputed Norway recruitment agency.

Norway is a lovely country that attracts many immigrants, which may make finding work challenging, especially for foreigners who are unfamiliar with the job market.

Oslo, Norway job agencies are aware of the growing job market and are well-versed in its operation. As a result, they are always busy assisting people like you in finding the suitable job/talent.

Oman Agencies is a prominent Norway recruitment agency. Listed as one of the best placement agencies in Norway. Our strength is in supplying highly skilled and experienced individuals at all levels of management. We expertise in identifying organisational needs and matching them with candidates who have the right experience and abilities to meet those needs. 

Recruitment agency in Norway, Oman Agencies has been in the recruiting business for around 50 years and have served clients in various industries. Our objective is to find responsible people to fill vacancies and meet the needs of the firm. To get an advantage in today’s highly competitive world, experienced, skilled, and industrious individuals are required.

Oman Agencies, a Norway recruitment agency assists businesses in finding workers and staff on a custom basis. We have provided both skilled and unskilled manpower to more than 30 countries globally. We have supplied 500+ nurses in Oslo, Norway too.  Recruiting the best personnel for your company is a never-ending challenge for our manager, supervisor, or human resources expert.

If you’re seeking solid, proven best practices and cutting-edge concepts in recruitment, interviewing, and selection, you’ve come to the perfect place. Our Norway recruitment agency strategies in personalising to your needs, and we present you with workers and employees who will fit into your business and have the necessary abilities and expertise. 

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