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Malta’s recruitment crisis – Has Oman Agencies, a Malta recruitment agency, cracked the code?

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Malta’s recruitment crisis - Has Oman Agencies, a Malta recruitment agency, cracked the code?

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a historic economic recession, with substantial implications for employment and, by consequence, immigration and skills policy. Despite the fact that it is yet unclear how long the pandemic’s impacts will endure in the worst-hit sectors such as hospitality, leisure and tourism, the crisis looks to be aggravating already-existing deficiencies in the European labour markets.  Some demographic groups, such as immigrants, women, and elderly individuals, have been affected harder than others.

In Malta, there are currently too many jobs chasing too few ‘job seekers’. In fact, it was recently stated that the ‘lack of skilled labour’ is the greatest challenge faced by local businesses.

Malta’s shortage of skilled and unskilled labour, and the fading edge of its regulatory framework, have been highlighted as key threats to the country’s attractiveness as an FDI jurisdiction.

The high levels of unemployment caused by the crisis, combined with ongoing disruptions to global migration and travel, will make it more difficult to address the pervasive skills and labour challenges that Europe was already facing before the pandemic. Several European countries are expected to experience population contraction and reduced labour supply. 

At the same time, Europe’s skills requirements are rapidly changing. The knowledge economy is rapidly expanding, and structural and technological changes are driving a contraction in middle-skilled jobs while increasing demand for workers at both ends of the skills spectrum—those in high-skilled ‘good’ jobs and those in less-skilled, more precarious ‘bad’ jobs.

To date, the pandemic’s impact has been most significant in industries where the requirement for social distance has fundamentally changed corporate operations and consumer demand, such as hospitality, leisure, and tourism. Whether this is a transitory or long-term effect will ultimately rely on the speed with which effective vaccines and treatments become widely available; as of January 2021, vaccine roll-out had begun across Europe.

It is too early to predict what the structural consequences of the crisis will be, but the longer the COVID-19 situation persists, the more likely it will have structural consequences that extend far beyond the hospitality, leisure, and tourism sectors. What is apparent is that the pandemic has intensified countries’ underlying labour market problems. It appears to have a disproportionate impact on the labour market prospects of people in low-skilled and precarious jobs rather than their counterparts in more highly skilled positions.

In this regard, the impact of the COVID-19-induced economic downturn on the labour market is similar to earlier recessions, such as the one that followed the 2008 financial crisis.  Economic crises, such as the one currently affecting the European Union, are likely to have a detrimental impact on migrant workers presently in Europe as well as prevent future migration. Historically, the European Union has relied on migrants from beyond its borders to fill a wide range of labor-market needs, some of which are tied to the European Union ageing population. This can be confirmed with any Malta recruitment agency.

However, there is a growing recognition that the European Union must be able to hire foreign workers from around the world in order to encourage innovation and the expansion of high-value economic activities that often require highly trained and educated workers. And, if the European Union wishes to hire overseas workers, it must make it obvious that they are valued assets to the European Union’s economy and society. Oman Agencies is a Malta recruitment agency which has been in the recruitment business for 50 years.

 At a time when considerable attention is focused on the immediate, short-term effects of the epidemic on employment and skill demand, it is critical to keep an eye on the medium term.

Projections of the European Union’s skill demand over the next ten years or so show that a growing share of employment will be focused in high-skill jobs. Many of these are anticipated to be tied to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) abilities and driven by technological progress. Failing to invest in these skills or plan for their future supply now may have consequences for Europe’s future economic recovery. Workers from third countries have been and will continue to be an important supply of these abilities. 

Oman Agencies:

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