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Skill deficit could stifle Kuwait’s growth, if businesses don’t hire foreign workers with the assistance of recruitment agency in Kuwait

Recruitment Agency in Kuwait

Skill deficit could stifle Kuwait's growth, if businesses don't hire foreign workers with the assistance of recruitment agency in Kuwait

While the COVID-19 pandemic-related emergency measures are still in place in Kuwait, including the ban on non-Kuwaitis entering the country, the business sector is suffering. It’s not just about the losses; there’s also a severe lack of manpower.

3.5 lakh expatriate workers are estimated to be stranded in various countries. As a result, the shortage of skilled workers is causing major issues in Kuwait. In addition to the 3.5 lakh people whose visas have not expired, it is estimated that more than 1.5 lakh people left their jobs in Kuwait and returned home in the immediate wake of covid last year. The labour shortage rate in the country’s labour market has risen to more than 31%. Business leaders  have repeatedly urged the relevant government agencies to issue travel permits to expatriates who want to return to their home country and whose visas have not expired.

It is estimated that, in 2020, 31 percent of all registered business workers have left the labour force. A human resources official at a logistics service company commented on the labour shortage to recruitment agencies in Kuwait, saying, “The labour shortage has doubled.” It’s no secret that many companies are struggling with a shortage of skilled drivers, especially heavy vehicle drivers, as well as specialised and technical workers in the mechanics and maintenance industries.

The worst-affected sectors, according to Kuwait’s logistics service workers, are skilled workers, mechanics, heavy vehicle drivers, maintenance and cleaning workers, service workers, and construction workers. Agriculture, fisheries, and restaurants have all been severely impacted. The agricultural sector has the greatest labour shortage. People have moved from the agricultural sector to other occupations in droves. As a result of the labour shortage, agricultural workers are now required to pay large salaries. Previously, it was 120 dinars (roughly 30,000 rupees), but now it’s 350 dinars (roughly 87,000 rupees).

Opinions of officials from the Ministry of Health regarding a recommendation to allow workers stranded outside of the country to return are still being studied and monitored in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s local and global spread. Since the COVID-19 curve varies by country, it’s difficult for a universal recommendation to be made.

Workers in some countries are stranded outside of Kuwait, which confirms the severity of the situation. Travel is discouraged until it is absolutely necessary, says the Ministry of Health. Expats from certain countries have been barred from entering the country, the ministry said, in an effort to prevent the introduction of new strains of the virus that could contribute to its rapid spread and result in an increase in the number of infections and deaths each day.

Fishing, restaurants, farms, specialised technical professions, and contracting companies are the most prominent sectors experiencing a shortage of manpower. 15,86,494 expatriates are currently employed on the labour market, according to current statistics. 2020 saw the permanent departure of 151,990 Kuwaiti workers, while approximately 350,000 Kuwaiti workers are living abroad with valid residency. This is equivalent to 31 percent of the labour shortage. However, this is expected to change as Kuwait allows foreign nationals to enter the country again.

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