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3 Ways to Overcome Hospitality Staff Shortages

International Hospitality Recruitment Agency

3 Ways to Overcome Hospitality Staff Shortages

Hospitality staff shortages are an enormous economic and logistic challenge. However, one of the demonstrated ways to tackle the shortage of staff in the hospitality industry is hiring through international hospitality recruitment agencies. In this blog, you will find more similar ways to overcome hospitality staff shortages.

The Problem So Far

The hospitality industry, from small boutiques to global chains, has been impacted by COVID-19, uncertainty, government funding issues, and virtual training opportunities. As per the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), staff shortages in hospitality are here to stay. For instance, as per statistics, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will need more than 90,000 skilled hospitality professionals by 2026. Of this, around 82,000 would be required in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

From a systemic perspective, the hospitality industry ought to take an innovative approach to its service delivery, from technology adoption to employee recruitment. In the wake of such issues, several of them existing even before the pandemic, how can employers attract and retain staff?

Here are 3 Ways to Overcome Hospitality Staff Shortages:

  1. Revamp your Onboarding Process

Recruitment and retention are two critical challenges for the hospitality industry any day. Accordingly, the most important thing a business can do is enhance its recruitment and talent acquisition approach. Also, given the current employability landscape, it is difficult to access the professionals and skills you need.

However, working with international hospitality recruitment agencies will help you attract the right global talent.

We are an international hospitality recruitment agency adept at finding the brightest professionals for your business.

Working with Oman Agencies will help you:

  • Save Time – Staffing is a time-consuming process for an expanding hospitality business. When you work with international hospitality recruitment agencies like us, you will be handing over this time-consuming task to professionals who have been in this business since 1971. We have a strong network that encompasses 35 countries.
  • Find the Best Talent – With our rich and varied experience, we can easily identify the brightest and best talent. This will particularly come in handy when you are sourcing overseas employees.
  • Market Knowledge – Our team in Asia has local market experience, regional knowledge, and global connections, positioning us to partner with multinational companies. Some of our previously undertaken projects include Intercontinental Hotel Project – Malta, Corinthia Hotels – Hungary, Lisbon & Malta etc


  1. Diverse Hiring

The hospitality industry attracts consumers from different countries and cultures. So, if you want efficient consumer engagement, your staff should reflect the entirety of your market, and diversity will take care of that. Diverse teams encourage healthier workplace cultures. In fact, an MIT study states that highly diverse teams exhibited more productivity, and therefore, higher revenues than non-diverse organizations. Moreover, diverse hiring will show both consumers and employees that you reward hard work over a person’s creed, race, social-economic status, etc.

We are a leading international hospitality recruitment agency supplying manpower to over 35 countries since 52 years. Our workforce encompasses various countries, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal,  etc. If you are looking to hire international workers for your hospitality business, we have a readily available database of more than 50,000 eligible candidates.


  1. Ensure Enhanced Work Flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the whole meaning and mechanism of work-life balance. Remote work is not a possibility in the hospitality industry. Therefore, it is important to offer greater flexibility in recruiting and retaining staff. As a result, hospitality employers need to get creative in replicating the perks of remote businesses, particularly with regard to communication methods, working hours, and location.

For instance, employers could consider innovative formulas for incorporating flexibility, like part-time and contractual positions. Or they can develop hybrid models for positions in event planning, social media management, accounting, marketing, customer support, etc.

For this, you will require valuable insights into international hospitality hiring processes, which a hospitality recruitment agency like Oman Agencies can help you with. We have considerable expertise and job market insights that employers can incorporate into their recruitment strategy plans. Our industry specific recruiters are experts at screening the candidates. We understand employer needs and candidate expectations. Moreover, we will help you enhance your business and gain access to diverse skills globally.


We are your best bet if you are looking for international hospitality recruitment agencies!

Contact us here for efficient hospitality recruiting strategies and services.

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