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Consider these 5 Factors before Choosing an Overseas Recruitment Agency

Overseas Recruitment Agency

Consider these 5 Factors before Choosing an Overseas Recruitment Agency

With hi-tech infrastructure projects like NEOM and the Red Sea Project ongoing in Saudi Arabia, overseas job opportunities are aplenty. These projects are job creation ecosystems looking for top talents overseas. With so much on the plate for potential employers, there’s always a risk of errors regarding the right hires. This is where an overseas recruitment agency comes in handy.

Overseas recruitment is a challenging procedure and involves complex logistics. A company might not be aware of the formalities or have the means to reach the right candidate residing in other countries. This can lead to time and resource wastage.

So, it’s ideal for overseas firms to get associated with international recruitment agencies to hire professionals.

However, choosing the right overseas recruitment agencies for your business can be tricky.

Hence, you should consider these 5 factors before choosing an overseas recruitment agency:

  1. Look for Core Expertise

It is important to ask about the type of international recruitment agency you need, whether it’s manpower recruitment agencies specializing in specific sectors or overseas recruitment agencies capable of bulk hiring.

For instance, Oman Agencies, a global recruitment agency, has employed workers overseas for large-scale projects across various industries like healthcare, oil & gas, construction, hospitality, etc., since 1971. Our manpower supply from Southeast Asian countries has catered to projects in regions like Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

  1. Explain your hiring needs clearly

An elaborate explanation of your organization’s needs will help an overseas recruitment agency get a clear idea of the talent you need.

Makes sure you answer these questions:

  • What roles are you trying to hire for?
  • Do you have vacancies for one or more positions?
  • Is it a permanent or contractual position?
  • What kind of experience are you looking for?
  1. Examine their Onboarding & Hiring Process

With the ongoing lucrative projects in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, international recruitment agencies are looking to fulfill manpower requirements quickly. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the onboarding & hiring process of the international recruitment agency you choose to work with.

Some questions you should ask your chosen overseas recruitment agency are:

  • What steps do they take to make the onboarding and paperwork easier?
  • Have they explained your business needs to the candidates?
  • Have they personally interviewed the candidates?
  • What background checks have they done?
  • What is their procedure for sourcing candidates?

We at Oman Agencies strive to bring the brightest professionals and international companies together to help them reach their maximum potential. We offer a distinct, consultative approach to recruitment, customizing solutions as per requirements.

  1. Clientele and Projects Undertaken

Testimonials might help strengthen your trust before choosing an overseas recruitment agency.

However, looking into their existing client base and past projects will give you the assurance you need in taking that final step.

We pride ourselves on the projects undertaken over the years, enriching our expertise in the market. Whereas our existing clients make Oman Agencies an overseas recruitment agency specialist.

  1. Market Intelligence

Data access for making hiring decisions can be resource-intensive and expensive.

Accordingly, an overseas recruitment agency specialist should have insights to:

  • Geopolitical Pressures
  • Hiring Rates
  • Salaries for Niche Roles
  • Employment Legislation
  • Current Recruiting Trends

Find out whether your potential international recruitment agency can provide such information. This will make you trust your consultant partner’s hiring strategy for your company. Moreover, this will ensure the highest return on investment with regard to your future employees.

Why choose Oman Agencies?

We are an overseas recruitment agency in Asia with global connections, local market experience, and regional knowledge. And our network spans around 35 countries. With more than 52 years of experience in the recruitment market, we have established ourselves as leaders in overseas manpower consultancy and hiring.

Are you hiring? To find the right fit candidates for your business, click here.

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