Overseas Employment Agencies

Are Overseas Employment Agencies the best way to find job opportunities abroad?

Overseas Employment Agencies

Are Overseas Employment Agencies the best way to find job opportunities abroad?

If you intend to work abroad, you may have heard that registering with overseas employment agencies will increase your chance of finding a suitable job more than applying directly to the international companies. These organisations, also known as global employment agencies or manpower recruitment agencies, typically serve as a bridge between international job seekers and companies looking to hire manpower.

Job seekers use the services of overseas employment agencies to seek work outside of their home country, and both job seekers and employers rely on their knowledge. However, the fundamental question is how beneficial these agencies are to candidates. 

Oman Agencies is a 50 year old  International Employment Agency which has been providing jobs to 30,000+ candidates in over 35 countries globally.

So should you register with overseas employment agencies as a job seeker, who wants to work in a foreign country? 

What are some of the potential benefits? Is it possible for such services to assist you in locating your ideal job?

How can Overseas Employment Agencies assist you in your international job search?

If you’re looking for a job abroad, you can reach out to international recruitment companies via their website where you can view all job openingsjob portal, email, or phone. If the agency thinks you’re a good fit for the job, they’ll screen your resume and contact you. Make sure you provide your personal contact information so they can easily contact you. 

You can send your resumes to Oman Agencies and our team of experts will get back to you if they find a job that matches your qualification.

Here are some of the benefits of working with an overseas employment agencies:

  1. They have a well-established reputation: Some employers prefer to hire (and even interview) international candidates who have gone through a well-known recruiting agency. This is because many organisations have worked with the same agency for years and trust their recommendations and opinions about the people they send for interviews. Oman Agencies is a reputed global recruiting agency which has supplied manpower from India, Bangladesh, Nepal & other Asian countries to our international clients. Have a look at our existing clients who have trusted us for long now. 

2. They are familiar with your target country’s labour market and staffing requirements: Overseas recruitment agencies frequently specialise in specific industries in specific locations, so they can tell you where the best prospects for someone with your skill set and expertise are. Furthermore, candidates who do the job search by themselves generally discover that the procedure is extremely competitive and nearly never generates positive results. Finally, an agency can assist you in developing sound goals and realistic expectations, all of which are critical for a successful job search. Oman Agencies has HR experts specialising in different industries, who will always be available for any assistance required.


3. They have a broad network that can provide them with information and access to positions that aren’t readily available to job seekers (on job sites, portals, LinkedIn, social media, etc). Indeed, employment agencies are most apparently the first to learn about any job openings. As a result, they can connect you with clients and projects that interest you, assisting you in finding your perfect work abroad. To see our active job openings overseas Click Here.

4. You’re getting free assistance: Recruitment firms are hired by the clients (hiring companies) and are paid if they are successful in finding qualified candidates to fill open positions. As a result, there is no cost for candidates to use their services.

5. Simplify the application procedure: Because a recruiting agency only gets paid if their candidate is hired by the client, they have a vested interest in moving your application ahead as long as you fulfill the job profile. As a result, they’ll keep an eye on your application and ‘hold your hand’ until you’re either selected or rejected by the company. Oman Agencies helps candidates in writing a resume and cover letter, as well as perform practice interviews with you. We may even negotiate your salary and terms of employment with the employing firm if you are offered the job.

6. They also assist you with your visa: These overseas employment agencies handle your visa application according to different (national and/or cross-border) rules and regulations.

If you’re a Candidate looking for a job abroad send us your resume or login to our job portal to stay updated with the latest job openings.

If you’re a Client looking to hire foreign workers you can Email Us or you can fill up the Form alongside. 

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